Why are we so divided? A voter from Mecklenburg, Virginia

By Story of America Team

Our journey, the Story of America, has officially begun with coverage of the 2012 election. We decided to focus on the battleground state of Virginia for the election.  We traveled down to Mecklenburg County at the southern end of Virginia and met a wood carving artist, a born-again Christian, who was as warm and hospitable as any stranger could be. Yet, during the interview, he asserts that President Obama is a communist, terrorist, racist foreigner trying to destroy America. It was challenging to reconcile the person who kindly offered us coffee and lunch when we walked into his store with the person who made these statements.

He talked a lot about the importance of his faith. He wants people to care about each other and agreed that we need dialogue in this country. He is eager to participate in dialogue with people across the political divide and get to a place where we can recognize each others’ humanity despite our differences.