Virtual Townhalls with Coffee Party USA

By Story of America Team

Eric and I are really enjoying and learning from the dialogue we are having on the Virtual Townhall series on Coffee Party Radio.

The next Virtual Townhall is on Sunday (3/3) on the 3-year anniversary of the Coffee Party. This is the updated schedule for the Virtual Towhnall series in collaboration with the Story of America.

Schedule of Upcoming Townhalls

Sunday, March 3, 3:30pm to 5:30pm ET

Sunday, March 24, 3:30pm to 5:30pm ET

Each show has its own link/page that you can use to listen live or listen later as podcasts. To participate during the show, you can call in: (646) 929-2495. Press “1” to get into the cue to speak.

You can also go to the home page to check out all the archived podcasts and upcoming Coffee Party Radio shows.

Archived Townhalls

Gun Violence (podcast, recorded January 13t)
Economic Recovery
(podcast, recorded January 27th)
Immigration Reform (podcast, recorded February 10th)

My general approach to dialogue has been to ask people to:

  • See inherent value in civil dialogue for the success of American democracy,
  • State candidly our current beliefs,
  • Listen to each other with respect,
  • Approach each other as human beings with a unique stories in a way that embodies the motto on the Great Seal of the US, E pluribus unum (out of many, one).

Eventually, we hope to schedule in-person townhalls as we journey across the country with Story of America. Perhaps you would like to organize one. Story of America could be on it’s way to your community. You can email or call us.