Thousands attend March on Washington for Gun Control

By Story of America Team

There’s a bit of controversy about how many people participated in the March on Washington for Gun Control. While the The Washington Post reported “nearly 1000” people took part, other media outlets reported thousands. 

Molly Smith, the co-organizer of the march, was elated to see this video appear on the web after being disappointed by the Post’s reporting.

“Having sat on the stage facing the crowd, I believe there were at least 6,000 in attendance, very possibly many more,” Smith said. “As a theater director at Arena Stage, when two of our theaters are full, it’s at least 1200 — a mere drop in the bucket in comparison to this huge group of mothers, grandparents, fathers and children. The crowds kept pouring in.”

This video features Newtown families leading the march. 

Check out this amazing video by Witness for Change, which even catches the Newtown community members while still on the bus!