This is my story

By Story of America Team

Trent GarrisonWhat does it mean to be an American today?

Being American means living life to the fullest, being free to speak your mind and vote for whomever you chose, being proud of your country, and being accepting to anyone and everyone.

In what ways are we divided as a country?

We are divided based on different ideologies, but hasn’t that always been the case? I don’t think our current situation is especially unique. Many times in the past, we’ve had major differences that led to disagreements, even murders and wars; but, because we live in, and emote in, the present, it seems worse than ever. Having said this though, divisiveness does not justify crude behavior. As a civilized country, we must try harder to understand and empathize with others, and encourage them to do the same.

What unites us as a country?

Realizing a common goal. Often, unity comes in the form of commonalities, shared experience, or even tragedy. Sometimes, although usually ephemeral, folks realize that unity is more important than their differences.  How do we perpetuate this kind of unity, is the question. They must vote, contact legislators, and help educate non-participants!

How were you, your family and/or community impacted by the 2008 financial crisis?

We are minimalists. We were affected, but probably not as much as most folks.

What are your living conditions like today?

Things are good. Not ideal, but good.

Are you hopeful about the future?


What are your fears?

I fear the uninformed.

What are you dreams?

I dream of tranquility.  Just staying happy.

What do you think are some solutions to our nation’s challenges? As cliché as it may be, I think unity is a major variable in the equation. Our checks-and-balances political system does not function without some degree of unity. Important political decisions are made by relatively few.  For citizens to be involved, they must interject themselves into the process.