Something’s wrong with our electoral process and someone’s cheating…

By Story of America Team

Are the stories about “voter fraud” seen in conservative media outlets based on actual cases of fraud, or speculation of what could occur if a large number of individuals decided to try to vote more than once? Are organizations like Tea Party affiliated True the Vote and Virginia Voters Alliance designed for partisan advantage, or are they only interested in a fair process?

The debate over election fraud or suppression clearly illustrates the divide in our country. It’s a political divide and a reality divide. There is agreement on this: there is something wrong with our electoral process and someone is cheating. Let’s hear out the arguments on both sides.

The video features interviews with Reagan George of Virginia Voters Alliance; Tom Perriello, former Congressman from central Virginia who was voted out after a fierce battle that included death threats to him and his family in 2010 during the height of Tea Party activism; former Congressman Rick Boucher from southwest Virginia, who was also voted out in 2010 after 28 years of service as a representative; Congressman Elijah Cummings of Baltimore, Maryland, who is calling for an investigation into True the Vote; and Sonali Chitre, an activist volunteering for Obama.