New Video: 5 ideas misdirecting us on the economy

By Story of America Team

After the fiscal cliff debate, I think most people would agree that we need to hit reset on the national dialogue about our economy. With the hope for a more constructive dialogue, I stood on Wall Street in front of the New York Stock Exchange and stated what I thought were falsehoods hurting our economic recovery

1) Debt is our biggest economic problem. 2) Government can’t create jobs. 3) Americans feel “entitled” to things that they don’t deserve. 4) Our debt was created by government handouts. 5) Small government = freedom.

This video is part of a series that we are working on called, “Inside and Outside Washington: Shaping the National Dialogue.” We have six videos so far. In the coming weeks, we will be posting videos of people from North Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia, New York City, and Connecticut. They are American voices from inside and outside Washington during this historic time of national transition.