My Story

By Story of America Team

Johnny Tillman's mom and dadMy name is Johnny Ben Tillman, I was born on June 30, 1965.

My parents Norman Jearld Tillman (January12,1936 , deceased) and Ondia Mae Kent (April 15,1941) have 8 children, I am number 6. Were married June 12, 1958.

Both families were in this country before it was a country.

My father’s family were the first settlers of what is now South Carolina, they were forced to leave France due to their religious beliefs.

My mother’s ancestor was the bastard son of the Earl of Kent, his mother brought him here to keep him from being murdered because he was an heir to the throne.

I am part Native American, French, English, German, African American, Hebrew and Hispanic.

I have a lesbian sister, a brother with dyslexia, a brother with learning disabilities. I love my family dearly although we don’t always get along.

My greatest fear is that political extremists on both sides are dividing us as a nation.

I would like the government, Congress, the President and Supreme Court to try and work together in order to get this (my) country back on the right track.

It’s not that difficult to do, they need to consider that the vast majority of citizens make very little money, that it’s the small businesses that create jobs, that education is the most important thing a person can accomplish in their lifetime.

I am sick of the fake partisanship that goes on daily in the media, I am tired of both sides blaming each other for the mess we are in, they are both responsible.