Is another country better for pursuing my dreams?

By Story of America Team

mike_massey.jpgI’m not really sure what the “American Dream” is. For some people, maybe it’s to get “rich.” But I don’t care about being rich. One of my dreams is to do as much good, in my way, for as many people as I can before my time on this planet is up. Another one of my dreams is to live a happy, healthy life, and have a happy, healthy family.

Really, I’m not sure whether the US is set up for enabling either of these dreams in the best way possible. I have to worry about health care and education, for example, while people in other developed countries have much easier access to both (I lucked out as far as education goes, but the point still stands). I have to worry about losing the roof over my head if I lose my job, and I have to worry about bankruptcy if I get ill (thankfully, “Obamacare” makes this a little bit better). I have to be very careful about the food I eat, and the portions, because in our culture the answer is always “more” and never “enough.”

If money were my first priority, the US would be a very decent place for me to pursue my dreams. But money is not my first priority, and there are other places in the world that are probably better suited to chasing my own dreams.

Mike is finishing up a PhD in environmental science, and has found a vocation as an educator.