Election fraud exists!

By Story of America Team

After reading about the Virginia election fraud arrest (a story broken by Ben Tribbett), we traveled to Harrisonburg, Virginia, to find the man who witnessed voter registration forms being discarded in a dumpster. This interview was recorded on Election Day 2012.

If not for the actions taken by small business owner Rob Johnson — including an inspiring act of civic courage in which he tracked down the perpetrator himself — eight people would have not been able to vote in the historic 2012 election. Also, Mr. Johnson may have exposed a much wider election fraud conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the Republican power matrix, including super-PAC guru Karl Rove.

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department arrested Colin Small, a Republican Party operative, based on Mr. Johnson’s eyewitness account.

Eric Byler, who filmed the interview with me said, “This brave small business owner witnessed the crime, reported it, then tracked down the perpetrator himself! … Rob Johnson rescued the voter registration forms of eight fellow citizens, and possibly protected the rights of thousands more. He deserves a medal.”