Donate to Story of America & Sneak Peek at Feature Film

By Story of America Team

Happy New Year!

We created Story of America two years ago understand why we are so divided as a nation, and seek solutions for how we may become more united.

Since November 2012, we have released four web series on: voting rightsMoral Monday movement, fight to save Pungo District Hospital in Belhaven, NC and understanding racial division in Alabama.

Story of AmericaWe have uploaded over 170 videos for free viewing on our youtube channel, generating 1.5 million views.

Given the experimental and independent nature of our project, we depend on tax deductible donations from supporters.

We would be grateful if you’d donate here:

Your donations would help us achieve these goals in 2015:

  1. Finish our feature film. The story begins where our previous film 9500 Liberty left off, with the election of Barack Obama and the rise of the Tea Party, and ends in Belhaven, NC with Republican Mayor Adam O’Neal and Rev. William Barber, President of NC NAACP, working together and showing us a way forward.

    We invite you to join a phone discussion with us on Wednesday, Jan 7th at 8pm ET about the feature film.

  2. Produce more videos and add a podcast series. In 2015, we will focus on stories about racial reconciliation in America and solutions to our nation’s challenges. For example, we hope to do profile pieces about the Police Chief of Nashville, TN and the Police Chief of Richmond, CA, two leaders who can provide a model of effective policing without excessive force. Knowing more about their work will help our country heal and improve. 

  3. Organize more community screenings & dialogues. We have held a dozen screenings so far and hope to organize more around the country to help heal the divide.

We appreciate your support for Story of America and independent media. 


Thank you,

Annabel, Eric and the Story of America Team