Are we so divided?

By Story of America Team

The 2012 US election will be remembered as one of the polarized in modern times. The rhetoric was fiery and the emotions were high, but just how divided are we really? Listen to some of Virginia voters we met the day before the election at the Romney rally held at George Mason University in Fairfax County and on election day in Woodbridge in Prince William County. 

We’d like to pose a question to you: are we really as divided as our media and the electoral rhetoric would have us believe? If so, exactly what are substantive issues that we are divided about? Now that the election is behind us, is it possible for us to talk to one another? The Story of America would like to invite you all to talk to us and each other as fellow Americans, not supporters of any candidate or member of any party. I know that some of you are skeptical about the possibility of a civil and constructive dialogue in America, but we are resolved to make this work. Think of it this way. If we can acquire the skills and discipline to learn to drive safely, we can learn how to have constructive conversations with each other. It will require some discipline, patience, and practice though. Will you join us for the journey?  Share you story with us and listen to others’ stories.