A big thanks to our supporters!

By Story of America Team

A big thanks to the 103 people who donated to our first crowdfunding campaign! We raised a total of $17,854 in six weeks. In addition to these funds, donations were made directly to Story of America making the total raised for our seed money nearly $33,000.

As a result of these contributions, we have been able to create 21 original videos since November with close to 150,000 views and 2 hours of running time (as of February 13, 2013). We couldn’t have done this without our supporters!

We also appreciated all the supportive comments about our work.

Perks for our contributors including postcards and access to filmmakers’ video diary will be available in March a month earlier than scheduled.

We are currently $27,000 short of our immediate fundraising needs. To support our work, you can make a tax deductible donation HERE.

These are some of our funders who agreed to have their names acknowledged.

Alan Baily
Alex Rigopulos
Alfred F. Howington
Amanda Messenger
Andres Useche
Anne M. Wenzel
Ben Roberts
Bernadette Evangelist
Bettina Winter
Bill Heneghan
Bob Settle
Bright Limm
Bruce Rosen
Cameron Kruger
Charles Kim
Cheryl Ramette
Chris Kibler
Christopher Rockwood
Corey Paulson
Cyndie Webster
Dan Page
Daniel Mayeda
David Matarasso
Deborah Pollack
Debra Lilly
Deede Snowhite
Dianna Richardson
Edwin Valasquez
Elisa Batista
Elizabeth Savino
Eric Byler
Esther Chae
Ezekiel Chang
Florence Hammelev
Franci Tartaglino
Frank Plucinski
Franke Honore
Gaye Kopas
George Slawson
Gregory Mangan
Harriet Jeffries
Harry Yoon
Inga Carmack
James Glaser
Janice McAlister
Jeanene Louden
Jennifer Devlin
Jenny Casey
Jesse Mayes
Jessie Graham
Jim Gallagher
Jinny Jung
John Feffer
John Glassmyer
John Park
John Sidorovich
Jon Parker
Judith Alef
Judith Howell
Kathy Deasy
Kris Loken
Laurie Atwater
Lenny Mendonca
Lynda Park
Mark Durso
Martha Murphy
Michael Levin
Michael Reich
Miranda Morton Yap
Nancy Lindsey
Pat Hall
Peter Cardillo
Quincy Yuen
Randy Clark
Rebecca Mordini
Rich Harrington
Richard Evans
Richard Spear
Robert Bergeson
Rogers Glenda
Ron Burr
Sarah John
Scott Belford
Scott Schuck
Shaun Dakin
Stephanie Drenka
Stephanie Lee
Steve Park
Steve Walton
Susie Kim
Susie Zamora
Teddy Goodson
Terry Sullivan
Terry Williams
Tess Pope

To support our work, you can make a tax deductible donation HERE.