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Federal complaint filed after wave of anti-immigrant sentiment kills housing deal in Lawrenceville, VA

A federal complaint has been filed by Housing Opportunities Made Equal (HOME) citing events that I witnessed and documented for Story of America. On June 20, 2014, I traveled to Lawrenceville, Virginia to film an emergency town hall meeting about the possibility of putting an Unaccompanied Alien Children’s (UAC) program on the campus of the recently closed St. Paul's College. Continue reading

First Images Inside Belhaven's Shuttered Hospital

  On Sept. 16 we learned from WNCT reporter Josh Birch that Vidant Health and its LLC have changed the locks to they hospital they closed down in Belhaven, NC hoping that no more images reach the public. At issue are claims that the hospital smells of mold and is falling apart from the inside — not accurate, but nonetheless convincing for those who wish to prevent the hospital from reopening — and, concerns that medical equipment estimated at $5 million has been removed.   Continue reading

Deeds, misdeeds, 1947 law & the original vision of Pungo Hospital

People in Belhaven have been asking themselves: what would our parents, grandparents and great grandparents do in the conflict over Pungo District Hospital? What would they think of it? How would they have resolved it?I think I found an answer in the Registry of Deeds in the Beaufort County Courthouse in Washington, NC. Continue reading

Vidant Health & Pantego Creek, LLC have closed Belhaven's Hospital, for now

On April 3, 2014, Vidant Health CEO David Herman, MD spoke at the signing ceremony for the mediated settlement that resulted from the North Carolina NAACP's filing of a Title 6 complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice. The complaint had pointed to the disproportionate impact Vidant's takeover and closing of the Pungo District Hospital in Belhaven, NC would have on poor and minority communities, prompting the DoJ to invite Vidant to join a mediation process and avoid litigation. Continue reading

Mayor O'Neal's 273 mile walk to Washington DC

"Walking Mayor" Adam O'Neal (R) will complete his 273-mile march from his home town of Belhaven, NC to the U.S. Capitol Building in the name of Medicaid expansion, endangered rural hospitals, and the Pungo District Hospital, which closed on July 1 endangering his community.   Continue reading