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Scott Adams’ Story

I hate my life sometimes. If it is not for the fact I am so unable to forget the fact I went to Iraq. I didn’t fight, I never saw a lot of action in the sense of shooting a gun, but there was so much pressure and no one was on my side, not family, not a lot of people I worked with, nobody, though I met a lot of great people serving and I am still in contact with them a year after I am out and hope to be in contact with them for a long time to come.   Continue reading

Are votes being suppressed in Virginia?

The state of Virginia is investigating Nathan Sproul, a highly paid GOP operative, who’s been paid millions by the Republican National Committee and Karl Rove. His employee, Colin Small, was arrested for throwing out registration forms in Harrisonburg, Virginia. On top of that, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and Nathan Sproul share the same address, which belongs to a Virginia state senator’s law office.  Continue reading

Something’s wrong with our electoral process and someone’s cheating…

Are the stories about “voter fraud” seen in conservative media outlets based on actual cases of fraud, or speculation of what could occur if a large number of individuals decided to try to vote more than once? Are organizations like Tea Party affiliated True the Vote and Virginia Voters Alliance designed for partisan advantage, or are they only interested in a fair process? Continue reading

Why are we so divided? A voter from Mecklenburg, Virginia

Our journey, the Story of America, has officially begun with coverage of the 2012 election. We decided to focus on the battleground state of Virginia for the election.  We traveled down to Mecklenburg County at the southern end of Virginia and met a wood carving artist, a born-again Christian, who was as warm and hospitable as any stranger could be. Yet, during the interview, he asserts that President Obama is a communist, terrorist, racist foreigner trying to destroy America. It was challenging to reconcile the person who kindly offered us coffee and lunch when we walked into his store with the person who made these statements. Continue reading

An American-born Chinese woman living in Hong Kong

I was born in Freehold, NJ to parents who had been studying in the U.S. and ended up staying. My parents are originally from Hong Kong, where I have now spent about half my life. Having lived abroad for so long, I have often been asked why I don't just give up my passport, especially considering the fact that the U.S. has a worldwide taxation policy. I can think of two words: pride and privilege.   Continue reading